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January 29th, 2020

Welcome to Nutrition Elevated! If you hadn’t noticed we have re-vamped our blog; Nutrition Elevated is now written for dietitians with the goal of providing information and advice of the role of the dietitian in various settings. The topics are geared toward you! Our fellow RDs, NDTRs, and dietetic students.


What Nutrition Elevated can do for you

  • Inspire current and future RDs by promoting the various roles of Utah dietitians
  • Encourage professional development through educational experiences and volunteer opportunities
  • Educate and inform you about current nutrition issues that impact your practice
  • Create connections through sharing experiences, challenges, and successes


We hope that we can provide interesting and relevant information to nutrition professionals all across Utah while promoting and celebrating your achievements. Is there a topic you want to learn more about? Do you want to learn from dietitians in another care setting? Or maybe you would like to tell others what you’ve accomplished or dive in-depth into a topic your passionate about. This is the place!


  • We have guidelines for submitting posts here. Submit at any time and we will work with you to get it published!


  • Do you have a request for future posts? Email us at socialmedia@eatright.org and we will start working on posts for you!


  • We also want to increase our community! Fill out our Member Spotlight Questionnaire and we will feature you on our blog so that everyone can get to know you!


And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to Nutrition Elevated! (The subscription box is on the left side bar.) We currently post three times a month. We are excited about this new direction and can’t wait to hear from you!


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