Aging with Taste: Culinary Solutions to Nutrition Issues with Jacqueline Marcus

February 26th, 2013

Jacqueline Marcus will be presenting at a Friday morning General Session on Aging with Taste: Culinary Solutions to Nutrition Issues.  She is the President/Owner of Jacqueline B. Marcus & Associates, a multiservice food and nutrition consulting firm.  Jacqueline has taught at undergraduate, graduate and culinary schools and was a featured instructor in a national satellite broadcast on nutrition and fitness throughout the life cycle.  She has been a food and nutrition consultant to Olympic teams and athletes and toured nationally with the US Olympic track and field coaches, presenting sports nutrition seminars.

In addition to developing and writing recipes for Publications International (including Diabetic Cooking), she has helped McDonald’s launch the McLean Deluxe sandwich at a news conference that had international reach.  Jacqueline recently completed Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking (Elsevier 2014), the first textbook, e-book, and companion website that integrate nutrition, food science and the culinary arts with creative, didactic, hands-on approaches for teaching students with diverse capabilities (complete with lab-type activities, recipes and photos to enhance learning).

Join Jacqueline Friday morning as she teaches the chemosensory concepts of taste, flavor and texture; how to apply these concepts to normal and therapeutic nutrition for the aging; how to formulate and redesign products , diets, menus and recipes with chemosensory and culinary competence and how to incorporate culinary skills into nutritious diets for the aging.

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