A Message from 2012-2013 UAND President Gina Petersen Young

September 24th, 2012

It is with great delight that I have the opportunity to serve the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as the current President for the 2012-2013 year.  The leadership board has been working diligently on strategic initiatives to optimize our key leadership roles and improve our collaboration for success.  This should not only result in enhancing the information and education that is offered to dietitians in the state, but also empower our organization to get behind key public policy and professional issues that are important to us, such as licensure.

UAND has been busy restructuring our strategic vision into five pillars:


This pillar works together to bring relevant educational offerings to RD’s, such as the annual meeting and other offerings throughout the year.  Stay tuned for upcoming events and the annual meeting announcement.


This pillar is seeing a lot of action this year and it is important for all dietitians, members of the national Academy or not, to stay on top of proposed changes that could affect our profession.  These include: licensure, proposed credential/education changes, national health initiatives, reimbursement, and funding of nutrition programs, to name a few. I encourage all dietitians to weigh in on these issues to shape the future of our profession and the important programs that provide nutrition services to the people who live in Utah.


This exciting pillar is all about you!  Networking as dietitians while having fun is an important part of building professional associations with each other and with the public.  In the coming year, look for invitations to join UAND at various sites across the state for networking and informational events.  Our first event will be in November at the new Harmon’s City Creek in downtown SLC – look for more details soon.  See pictures of the event last year here: New Member Reception, October 2011


We are nothing as a profession if no one knows who we are and what we do!  This pillar has made great strides reaching out to members and non-members through social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and the Nutrition Elevated Blog.  The UAND website is also a great resource.  We hope to increase our reach even more with public relations opportunities through television and radio.  The pillar will be working on a new logo which will be unveiled in 2013, to go along with the name change that occurred at the beginning of this year (from Utah Dietetic Association to Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).


Last but not least is the Operations Pillar. This pillar keeps our organization running with key operational tasks and duties such as finance, administrative, and other functions.  Our Executive Administrator, Curt Calder MBA, RD, CD, is our constant for this pillar.  His contribution to the state organization is greatly appreciated!


Our organization cannot run without the people that serve in all the various roles that support each of the above pillars.  I want to express my gratitude to them for all their hard work.  I also want to encourage all dietitians in the state of Utah to choose a pillar that appeals to them and volunteer to be a committee member.  You do not have to be a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to participate.  We all share the same profession and it is important that we stay together.  Plus, you have no idea how much fun you will have!  To get involved – please send an email to utah@eatrightutah.org.

I look forward to serving the organization this year and wish you all the best in your professional endeavors.

-Gina Petersen Young M.B.A. R.D.

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