2019 UAND Scholarship Recipients: Kennedy Springer, Fernanda Mejia, Jessica Smith Gough, and Melinda Morco

December 3rd, 2019

This year, UAND presented $500 scholarships to four deserving students: 

Kennedy Springer
Kennedy is a first-year student in the Coordinated Master’s Program in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Utah. While maintaining strong academic performance she has excelled as a TA. Kennedy’s dedication is exemplified through her academic, work, personal health, and volunteer commitments. Kennedy is conducting research via her innovative thesis project entitled, “Metabolites Related to the Inflammatory Dietary Index and the Insulin Dietary Index.”

Fernanda Mejia
Fernanda is obtaining a second bachelor’s in Nutrition at Utah State University. She originally graduated with a degree in nutrition from Mexico. In Mexico, she lectures on nutrition, attends seminars and has had a private practice linked to several prominent hospitals. She is a go-getter and an achiever of the highest sort. Fernanda desires to be a top pediatric dietitian.

Jessica Smith Gough
Jessica is a student at Utah State University. She has high academic achievement in addition to being strong leader. She serves as an Honors Undergraduate Teaching Fellow and demonstrates exceptional professional skill in her work with adults with disability. She is intellectually prepared to provide high-level care coupled with empathy. She will be an asset to our profession.

Melinda Morco
Melinda is a student in BYU’s Didactic Program in Dietetics. She serves as a BYU Wellness Advocate, Teacher’s Assistant, and Nutrition Consultant in the BYU Women’s Services & Resources Center. Her professional goal is to enter into nutrition education or counseling, specifically in eating disorders or special diets with multiple allergies.


UAND is happy to lend support to these students as they continue their education.

Congratulations to Emily, Kennedy, Fernanda, Jessica, and Melinda!


UAND awards four $500 scholarships to dietetic students each year. For more information and to submit your application, click here. The deadline for submission is February 15th. 

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