9 Podcasts for the Dietitian Entrepreneur

April 14th, 2020

Building your private practice can be daunting. Often, dietetic programs and internships are insufficient in business management education. So how can dietitians educate themselves on business management? A simple and cost-free approach is listening to podcasts. There are over 700,00 active podcasts and hundreds, if not thousands of those are business and entrepreneur podcasts; but as dietitians, we want nutrition business specifics. How exactly can you apply that concept in a nutrition business? What works and what doesn’t?

To help you answer these questions and get started on or improve your private practice, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts made by dietitians for dietitians. All are available on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Happy listening!


Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild 
This weekly podcast is created and hosted by Libby Rothschild, MS, RD CPT. The conversations are structured to “inspire and provide direction to Nutrition and/or Fitness Professionals who want to make a lasting impact in their niche and manage multiple streams of income.”




The Leveraged Practice Podcast  Created by Stephanie Clairmont, this podcast is geared towards helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. It includes “quick tips, insightful interviews, and actionable strategies” specific to the health industry.


Make More Money as a Dietitian This podcast created by Christine Thomson is about all things money, mindset, and marketing for the RD business owner. “Money issues are mindset issues, and each episode of this podcast will help you resolve them so you can reach your full earning potential and be seen as the nutrition expert that you are.”



Dietitian Connection Podcast While this podcast isn’t specifically geared towards private practice, they have episodes with RD entrepreneurs and discuss their businesses. Some entrepreneur episodes include: Episode 53 Unconventional Dietitian; Episode 54, Make your Dream Job a Reality; and Episode 48, Email Marketing is Hot (with Glenn Mackintosh).



Fearless Practitioners This weekly podcast with Adrien Paczosa offers “practical business advice along with inspiring tips and tools for building your dream practice. It covers topics with expert clinicians, marketers, and others that will help grow your practice.”



School of Success with Tony Stephan   In this podcast, experts from “all aspects of health, fitness, and business offer practical advice from their life experiences and inspire a future generation of action takers to pursue their dreams and aspirations.” Their mission is to bridge the gap between formal education and real-world application when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and business.



Pursuing Private Practice  Building a private practice, intuitive eating nutrition counseling skills, and marketing strategies to grow a business are just a few of the topics that Jennifer McGurk covers on this podcast. “Featuring many dietitians that have been through the ups and downs of growing their own private practice specializing in intuitive eating, Jennifer McGurk is all about sharing other’s stories to inspire YOU that you can do it too.”



Next Level Nutrition Biz 
Get inspired about building and growing your Nutrition biz with the host, Stephanie Long. “Join Stephanie and guests as she explores the top ways to grow your nutrition business, work with clients, get super clear on your offerings, and master your mindset around running a business!”



The Unconventional RD Podcast 
“Are you ready to think outside of the traditional employment box and create your own unconventional income streams? Then you’re in the right place.” Dietitian Erica Julson does a weekly podcast where she talks all things online-business to help you start, grow, and scale your own digital empire.




Comment below with your favorite nutrition business related podcast! Or tell us your favorite nutrition podcast, we’d love to hear about them!


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