Annual Meeting 2017 Speaker Slides and Notes

U-AND Nutrition: The Next 100 Years

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Subject/Speaker(s)      Resource                        
Feeding our Future: Role for Science Technology and Food Innovation (Mary Lee Chin)   Chin1 
Repurpose of Food:  Reducing Food Waste at Home (Judy Barbe)   Barbe1 
Getting Paid in Utah:  The Nuts and Bolts of Reimbursement for the Utah RDN (Nikki Kendrick)
Farm to Fork: Utah's efforts to get healthy, local foods into school lunches and child care center meals (Maryann Durrant)   Durrant1

WIC to Table:  Understanding the Challenges Faced by Refugees in Utah as They Navigate the Women Infants and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program (Amy Covington and Clare Peckenpaugh)


A Behind the Scenes Look at Running Clinical Trials: A Research Dietitian's Perspective (Sheryl Aguilar)

Lost in Translation: How Do Patients Interpret Nutrition Recommendations at the Grocery Store? (Kayla Womeldorff and Jonnell Masson)
Dietary Fat – the research & current recommendations. Howshould people view dietary fat, and why?  (Nina Teicholz with an introduction by Thunder Jalili)    

Friday, March 31, 2017

Subject/Speaker(s)     Resource                                
I'm a Registered Dietitian, Now What? Creating a Passionate Conversation About Your Career (Ane Cundiff)       Cundiff1
Nutrition Therapy For Children With Special Needs (Kelly Vieira)   Vieira1
My Patient is on Dialysis, What Should I Know?  (Jill Neilson, Suzanne Ware, Anna Snyder)    
Why body image should be included in your counseling (Rebecca Clyde)   Clyde1
Bridging Clinical-Community Nutrition Care Transitions for Older Adults (Susan Saffel-Shrier)   Saffel-Shrier1


Dietetics Leadership: What Do We Know? (Emily Vaterlaus-Patten)

Nutrition in the Schools: Working to Keep Utah's Children Healthy (Sarah Hodson)    
Gut Microbiota (Vinodhini Kolandavelu)
Eating to 100 (Sue Linja and Seanne Safaii)   LinjaWaite1