Find a Dietitian Information

Find a Dietitian - what is it all about? 

The Find a Dietitian function of the website brings together dietitians with the people who need nutrition information.  It is a great way for the public or media to find nutrition help; it is a great way for dietitians to share their knowledge and expertise.

Why should you use "Find a Dietitian"?


  • You need someone who can help you with a special diet for diabetes, weight control, stomach/intestine problems, an eating disorder, feeding your baby/child, or any other special diet.
  • You would like to get a class together for your community or church group and need a nutrition expert to speak.
  • You are a student with an assignment about nutrition and you need to ask questions from someone who really understands nutrition.


  • As a newspaper journalist, you have a deadline for an article on obesity, vitamins, sports nutrition, or some other subject and you need an expert you can interview.
  • You are looking for someone to help with a TV news series on breastfeeding (or some other nutrition topic).
  • You have an upcoming radio discussion on Americans and fad diets and you would like a nutrition expert to give input.


  • You have special experience in sports nutrition, weight control, eating disorders, etc. and you like to teach others about this area of nutrition through classes, presentations, media interviews or one-on-one counseling.
  • You enjoy speaking to church or community groups about eating right.
  • Supermarket tours have been an avenue you enjoy for teaching people about making good food choices.
  • You have a background in working with food companies to market their products using appropriate food and nutrition messages.
  • You are a "stay-at-home" mom and you want to provide nutrition counseling or other services for a little extra income.

I'm a dietitian - How do I use this tool?

  • As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics you are automatically a member of the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (if you have chosen Utah as your state of affiliation).
  • Members can log in to the UAND website and go to "RD Services".
  • Fill in the information and put a check by any services that you are able to offer.
  • The beauty of this tool:  You can return and change your information and offerings at any time.