Academy Action Alert: Avert Sequestration before December 31

December 10th, 2012
Right now, the United States Congress only has until December 31st to act before Sequestration cuts billions from Medicare reimbursements, older adult nutrition services and community food programs.  As nutrition professionals, we really need to tell Congress ASAP to avert sequestration with a balanced and fair approach that protects vital food and nutrition programs.
The fact is that the food, nutrition and health communities have done their part to help reduce the deficit. Tell Utah’s leaders that any deal should be a balanced and fair deal! Congress needs to know that averting sequestration:

  • Protects senior food programs
  • Funds community nutrition programs that improve health and save dollars
  • Protects reimbursement rates for registered dietitians
President-elect Heather Filipowicz did her part, will you do yours?



The painless steps to protect our profession and the public:
  1. Find your Academy ID number and password
  2. Follow this link: (or follow the link that may have come in an email from the Academy)
  3. Follow the instructions from there!

Keep track of your time and let us know how long it took you on Facebook!  
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