Take Your Congressman to Work Campaign 2012

August 20th, 2012

Thanks to Rickelle Richards, UAND Public Policy Coordinator and Advocacy Chair, for the information about this important campaign!

Join RDs across the nation in visiting Congressmen in their local districts! Utah Congressmen will be in their home offices across the state until Sept. 6th which gives RDs a chance to visit them at a less-busy time of year for the Congressmen and to let them know who RDs are and how we promote health in Utah.

Take Your Congressman To Work! Campaign had a successful start in 2011, with members of the Utah Academy’s Public Policy Panel visiting Congressional offices in Salt Lake City and Provo. We want to make it an even bigger success this year by encouraging other members to get involved. Dietitians can either make an appointment for an office visit to one of our Congressmen or invite the Congressman to attend their own work site to see what RDs do every day.

Now is the time to act! Will you join RDs across the nation and share your voice?

Step One:  Find out who your legislator is: Go to http://www.eatright.org/Members/actioncenter.aspx, click on “Find My Legislators”, enter your mailing address, and click “Find.”

Step Two:  To get involved please contact Rickelle Richards (rickelle_richards@byu.edu). The plan is to organize office visits between several dietitians and some of the UAND Advocacy Pillar board members (Rickelle, Emily Vaterlaus, UAND State Policy Representative, and Charlotte Vincent, UAND State Regulatory Specialist).  Rickelle can also provide you with talking points and tips for visiting Congressional District Offices.

Have you ever contacted or visited your Congressman?  What was your experience?

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